Market Opportunities

In 2016, the supply chain for UK offshore wind projects was worth around £3.1bn globally. By continuing to increase UK content in areas of strength such as blade and tower manufacture and operations and maintenance (O&M), and developing strengths in other areas, including cable supply, installation and foundation fabrication, it is projected that up to 65% UK content could be possible by 2030, given the deployment of 19GW+ installed capacity. Successfully developing capability in these areas will open up further export opportunities for the UK in a European market worth £9.2bn per year by 2030.

Current UK offshore wind installed capacity stands at 5.1GW, and is forecast to grow to around 10GW by 2020. Capacity is expected to continue to increase by 1GW per year until 2030 – an estimate based on government statements pledging support for up to 10GW of new offshore wind projects in the 2020s, provided that progress in cost reduction continues.