Industry-wide standardisation of nodes

The standardisation of manufactured parts can reduce cost through a number of channels. By allowing the manufacturing supply chain to produce standard parts, they can optimise manufacturing and reduce cost / lead time of components. It also could reduce design time as ‘off the shelf’ components can be selected and utilised (no need for bespoke design and analysis each time for each component). The use of standardised nodes (joints) can enable significant cost saving to the production of jacket structures.

Type of Entry: Strategic Element

Start TRL: TRL 7

Target TRL: TRL 9

Enabler: Industry

Beneficiary: Original Equipment Manufacturer

Strategic Outcome: >10MW turbine platforms commercialised

Forecast Start: 2018

Forecatest Finish: 2022

Potential to Reduce LCOE: Medium

UK Benefit: Medium

Case for Intervention: Low

LCOE Notes: Reduce cost of manufacturing jackets

UK Benefit - notes: Medium low as not a huge amount of jackets in use and manufacture in UK supply chain. However, could make UK more competitive for jacket supply..

Intervention - notes: Node standardisation is already something being investigated by various organisations (i.e. cranfield university)