Innovation in design concepts

Large arrays of far-from-coast wind farms (and also tidal and wave harvesters) might lead to different optimal design concepts than those adopted so far.

Type of Entry: Innovation Area

Requires implementation offshore: Yes

Start TRL: TRL 1

Target TRL: TRL 4

Enabler: Academia

Beneficiary: Owner Operators

Strategic Outcome: Enabling disruptive innovation

Forecast Start: 2022

Forecatest Finish: 2034

Potential to Reduce LCOE: High

UK Benefit: High

Case for Intervention: High

HSE impact: Medium

UK Benefit - notes: Totally new design concept could be developed and UK could export knowhow, R&D and potentially manufacture of new-concept turbines.

Intervention - notes: Due to the low TRL, this must be driven by academia, but the participation of industry is critical to assure significance and relevance of the proposed concepts.

HSE impact notes: Results are unknown yet as it will depend on a design