Innovation in design concepts

Exploring how potential large arrays located far from shore farms (wind, tidal and wave) might lead to different optimal design concepts than those already adopted.

Type of Entry: Innovation Area

Requires implementation offshore: Yes

Start TRL: TRL 1

Target TRL: TRL 4

Enabler: Academia

Beneficiary: Owner Operators

Strategic Outcome: Enabling disruptive innovation

Forecast Start: 2022

Forecatest Finish: 2036

Potential to Reduce LCOE: Medium

UK Benefit: High

Case for Intervention: High

HSE impact: Medium

UK Benefit - notes: Totally new design concept could be developed and UK could export knowhow, R&D and potentially manufacture of new-concept turbines.

Intervention - notes: Due to the low TRL, this must be driven by academia, but the participation of Industry/SMEs is critical to assure significance and relevance of the proposed concepts.

HSE impact notes: Results are unknown yet as it will depend on a design