Sacrificial anodes corrosion protection gas evolution

The chemical composition of both air and water within the monopile is affected by the use of corrosion protection systems. Gas ventilation and/or sea water exchange is required to make the corrosion protection systems work. Due to the high level of corrosion on the inner surfaces of the monopiles, sacrificial anodes were installed to limit that effect. In so doing, hydrogen is produced which is generally absorbed by the water but in that case some of the oxygen escaped and built in the airtight compartment of the structure. This generated a high level of hydrogen gas which ignited in one form or the other can cause potential failure.

Type of Entry: Innovation Area

Start TRL: TRL 6

Target TRL: TRL 9

Enabler: Industry

Beneficiary: Owner Operators

Strategic Outcome: Maximising operational performance of existing wind farms


Forecast Start: 2019

Forecatest Finish: 2023

Potential to Reduce LCOE: Low

UK Benefit: Medium

Case for Intervention: Low

HSE impact: Medium

LCOE Notes: Medium Low