Explaining the Roadmaps

Forecast start and finish: When the significant progress in this area of innovation is expected to start and finish

Start and Target TRL: Technology Readiness Level at the start and end of innovation area at timescales provided. Read more about TRLs.

Enabler: Target organisation likely to take a lead on this innovation area delivery e.g. Industry, Academia, Research Technical Organisations

Beneficiary: Part of the supply chain that would benefit from a solution in this innovation area

Strategic Outcome: One of 3 general strategic outcomes this innovation area can contribute to:

  • enabling >10MW turbine platforms commercialised,
  • maximising operational performance from existing wind turbines
  • enabling disruptive innovation
Potential to Reduce LCoE: Within the context of this specific roadmap what contribution could the specific innovation area make to reducing Levelised Cost of Energy

UK Benefit: How well placed is the UK to play a role in the development and maturing of the specific innovation area and benefit from the outcomes

Case for Intervention: What is the probability that industry would not take this innovation area forward without additional support (Only applicable for innovation areas)

Health, safety & environmental impact: What contribution could the specific innovation area make to reduce health & safety risk and/or environmental impact