Explaining the Roadmaps

Forecast start and finish

When the significant progress in this area of innovation is expected to start and finish


Start and Target TRL



Technology Readiness Level at the start and end of innovation area at timescales provided above. Read more about TRLs.

Target organisation likely to take a lead on this innovation area delivery

  • Academia
  • Catapult
  • Industry/SMEs
  • RTOs


Part of the supply chain that would benefit from a solution in this innovation area

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Owner Operators
  • Other Suppliers


Requires implementation offshore
This innovation area requires implementation as part of an offshore project. It includes innovations that are part of the project itself (even if they are physically located onshore) but not those associated with a supply chain or standardisation.

Strategic Outcome: One of 3 general strategic outcomes this innovation area can contribute to:

Enabling disruptive innovation
Commercialising >15MW turbine platforms
Maximising operational performance of existing wind farms



UK Benefit
How well placed is the UK to play a role in the development and maturing of the specific innovation area and benefit from the outcomes



Potential to Reduce LCoE
Within the context of this specific roadmap what contribution could the specific innovation area make to reducing Levelised Cost of Energy



Case for Intervention
What is the probability that industry would not take this innovation area forward without additional support



Health, safety & environmental impact
What contribution could the specific innovation area make to reduce health & safety risk and/or environmental impact