Utilising data

Background: Data utilisation is an overarching term used to describe a wide range of concepts and techniques aimed at exploiting available information. In this context data utilisation is performed with the aim of data-driven decision making. Innovation: In the offshore renewables Industry/SMEs, data utilisation techniques can include: post-event analysis, use of current operational data and forecasting of future trends. The level of data utilisation is varied across Industry/SMEs, providing the opportunity for innovation and collaboration between offshore wind stakeholders.

Type of Entry: Innovation Area

Requires implementation offshore: No

Start TRL: TRL 3

Target TRL: TRL 6

Enabler: Research Technical Organisations

Beneficiary: Original Equipment Manufacturers

Strategic Outcome: Maximising operational performance of existing wind farms

Forecast Start: 2022

Forecatest Finish: 2031

Potential to Reduce LCOE: Medium

UK Benefit: High

Case for Intervention: High

HSE impact: Low

LCOE Notes: This depends on the engagement by OOs and the impact their use of data has.

UK Benefit - notes: UK has high expertise in this field and can actively engage in data and digital activities.

Intervention - notes: Although some OOs do actively engage in data utilisation activities, some will need external bodies to help kickstart a culture change within their organisation.

HSE impact notes: Optimised O&M operations